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Ending the Prom Debate, Once and For All

By: Alessia Passafiume

Since there has been a lot of miscommunication around the theme of Prom 2016, Joan Journal is here to set the record straight with some members of the Prom Committee - Alanna Piccotti and Emily Ferrari.

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St. Joan Sports, Not What It Once Was

Days of Future Past

By: Michael Devito and Robert DeMichele

            What was once a proud tradition at St. Joan’s is now a distant memory. We may long to hear the words ‘We Are the Champions’, but this year has not been a victorious one. The question is why? Have we lost our will to go that extra mile, our spirit to push one another, to be better?

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By: Lupe Lacson

Winter break is definitely a much needed time off for everyone, especially for the students itching to get out of school. But once the break hits, students often find themselves at home after the Christmas festivities end, bored and listless with absolutely nothing to do.

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By: Sajila Nudrat

The holiday season is fast approaching along with the break that everyone is looking forward to! The 2-week period of pure bliss between the anxiety over accumulating CPTs and cramming over final exams is finally here. It’s the time period where it does not matter that you still have to read 3 books, write 2 essays and finish a lab report. No, none of that matters because it’s simply you, your ugly Christmas sweater, the Grinch who Stole Christmas and the hoard of relatives that are bound to visit. So, here are 10 social interactions with relatives that will most likely occur, with an accompanying “gif” to perfectly summarize the emotions felt during that time.

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Meet the Staff!

Sajila Nudrat

17, writer, coffee enthusiast, holder of a 4.0 G.P.A in procrastination. Vicariously living life through myself, and aspiring to be a United Nations lawyer. Not a big fan of mass media propaganda and even less of a fan of the Montreal Canadiens. I do like the occasional warm cup of tea, books that are considered “too old to be around”, and firmly believe that the Toronto Maple Leafs will win the Stanley Cup in this lifetime. I’m convinced that the pen is a man’s greatest ally and education is the tool to unlock its strength. As Malcolm X once said, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Alessia Passafiume

Hey! My name is Alessia Passafiume, and I’m finally in the twelfth grade. My interests lie mostly in media and literature. My favourite books are written by men named Chuck (Klosterman or Palahnuik). I live mostly on my laptop, either doing schoolwork, catching up on my favourite blogs, binge watching sitcoms and documentaries, or reciting every line from The Social Network. My musical interests have no common ground whatsoever, as putting my library on shuffle would create a weird mix of indie, rock, and some (a lot) of Kanye West thrown into it. I’m a very social gal who’s not afraid to voice my opinion regardless of what people may think. I am aspiring to study journalism and media in university, and I can’t wait to share some of my work with the Saint Joan of Arc community. “If you're not scared, you're not taking a chance. And if you're not taking a chance, then what are you doing?” - Ted Mosby (HIMYM)

Lupe Lacson

I’m Lupe Lacson, a 17-year-old girl with too many dreams and not nearly enough time to pursue them. I am an aspiring accountant with a passion for literature, especially historical and science fiction. I also enjoy watching films of any genre: horror, comedy, romance, action-adventure – you name it. Although not a very good artist myself, I have a deep appreciation for visual arts, and a particular fondness for realism and postmodern paintings. Dogs are definitely my Achilles’ heel. If I can have only one goal in life, it would be to have the opportunity to pet as many puppies as possible. An impossible dream as I suffer from severe procrastination (which, in my opinion, should really be considered one of the Seven Deadly Sins). Nonetheless, I am determined to overcome this awful habit, with an intent to manage my time more wisely. I am thrilled to be part of this year’s team, and I look forward to writing for the Joan Journal to show everyone what this school has to offer.

Michael Devito

I am currently 17 years old and a grade 12 student at St. Joan of Arc C.H.S. My goal in life is to become a lawyer or a billionaire playboy philanthropist; whichever comes first. It is my final year of high school at this fantastic place we call Joan and I hope that all my hard work here will help me get into my preferred program in university and then do well enough to get into law school. My favourite sport is hockey (Go Leafs Go!) although I enjoy watching and playing almost every sport. I enjoy rap music, video games, exotic cars as well as procrastinating my schoolwork until the last possible minute because, who doesn’t love stressing out or 3 a.m. Redbull induced essays?

Robert DeMichele

I’m a grade twelve student who is really just trying to do good with what I was given. My main goal for my final year of high school is to do as well as I possibly can, and live by the words “education is key”. I’m incredibly narrow minded until I reach the goals I set for myself. I’m aspiring to be a politician or billionaire (and I’ll take either one). Until I make my first billion, I’m aiming to get into an accounting and finance or economics program. Throughout my high school career, the one most noteworthy thing that I’ve learned is that nothing is worth more than having good friends who are there for you no matter what. To me, there is no better feeling (not even my own success) than knowing that they have your back through thick and thin.

By: Stephanie de Bem

Photography By: Despina Alexopoulos

       My trusty photographer, Despina Alexopoulos, and I sat down with Ms. Diana Alimonte, owner of Maple’s D. Boutique to get the lowdown on all of this season’s latest trends to help you be well dressed and stylish for all the parties that will be happening in the upcoming weeks.
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Top Selling Gifts this Christmas

By: Nina Garofalo

        This holiday season many people took advantage of the blow out sales on Black Friday as gifts started flying off the shelves early. Those wanting to get a head start, hit the stores throughout the malls to get their hands on the best gifts for Christmas. Here are some stand outs.

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How to Find Motivation

By: Jessica Cannarozzo

        Do you find yourself lacking motivation to complete assignments and tasks in a timely manner? Look no further, I am here to help you find your motivation in time for that deadline!

        To find your motivation, did you check under the bed? Under your couch? In your refrigerator? Did you ask your dog, cat, turtle, snake, bird, or lizard where your motivation went? Sometimes if you retrace your steps, you could find it again, right?
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By: Stephanie de Bem

        You’ve heard her name on the announcements and seen it on the school billboard, she’s been “Athlete of the Month” multiple times, and she’s been to OFSAA more times than I can count. If you still haven’t clued in yet, I’m talking about Jessica “Jessie” Armstrong. Jessie is a Grade 12 student who loves to play sports, specifically Track and Field and Cross Country. I had the opportunity to sit down and interview her this past week and we talked about everything from her interests to the future, followed by a game of “Coke or Pepsi?”. Enjoy!

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By: Alessya Baggetta

Brr! Cold weather means unfortunate chapped lips. . Making your own lip balm is the solution to this problem. Whether you’re looking to make some cool at-home gifts for your family/friends this year, or just want to try out an easy, holiday-friendly lip balm recipe we’ve got you covered. With this surprisingly simple recipe and task, you will have your very own customized lip balm or tinted gloss. Enjoy!

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