Behind the Scenes with Mikayla Bergamin

by Jenna Naccarato

Q: What influenced your idea for the production?
A: “Truthfully, I was just listening to a song that had meant a lot to me at the time and I found myself starting to visually create a music video in my head. Before I knew it, I thought about the meaning that the song had and expanded on it. I began to think about how cool and meaningful it would be if we could take songs of our generation and perform them in our own way. So at the end of the day, a song struck this idea.” -M

Q: What gave you the motivation to go ahead and create the production?
A: “Once I pitched the idea to my friends and family they continuously encouraged me, which had a major impact on my decision. My ambition towards my idea also grew the more I thought about it, and I really wanted to make a mark that would help people as well as be fun.” -M

Q: Why did you choose the title Mindfull?
A: “After watching this performance, you’ll be mindful of teens and their struggles. It also represents how the struggles make a teenagers mind full.” -M

Q: What can students gather from the play? How will it leave an impact?
A: “From this play, students can learn that it’s okay to feel certain things and its okay to on certain days, feel as if you’re alone; because at the end of the day, we all feel alone and hurt at one point throughout the journey of high school. We are all facing a battle but competing to see who can show it the least. This performance will show people that no matter who you speak to and who you don’t every person around you is suffering due to some type of struggle. However, what I really want someone to take from this is how one day you can take the memory of your once broken heart and turn it into art, just like Princess Lea did.” -M

Q: What was the reasoning behind your choice of charity?
A: “I wanted to acknowledge something that has haunted and applies to some teens in their darkest stage. I wanted to show how there’s hope and help those who fail to find it.” –M


by Jenna Naccarato

            Grade 12 St. Joan of Arc student, Mikayla Bergamin, touches upon the modern day struggles of the teenage mind in her original production, Mindfull. The play portrays the common issues teenagers face in our society today, through 17 emotive scenes. St.Joan of Arc students act out several struggles including anxiety, depression, self-harm, homosexuality, and divorce, to name a few. High School is known to be the period in students’ lives where they face hardships, lose their innocence and evolve into young adults. These moments  and feelings they encounter early on in their lives allow them to develop and to create their overall identity as they grow into adults. The audience will have the chance to relate to these common struggles while simultaneously becoming enlightened upon the reality of high school struggles. Mikayla used a multi-media, unscripted approach to present the struggles in a dynamic form.  Mindfull tickets will be sold in the cafeteria from February 6-10 for $5.00 each. All proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention. Performances of the production will begin in early March in the St. Joan of Arc theatre. Mindfull is one production you will not want to miss, so come and support a great cause as well as your St. Joan of Arc community!

Buca Yorkville

By Madeline Fiore

26 December, 2016

Numerous food trends have taken over social media platforms, leaving us with an empty feeling in our stomach. With all these new food vendors constantly being promoted, it makes it harder to restrain yourself from the curiosity of the taste that awaits. Toronto is known for their wide diversity in regards to food and it is now a competition to see which one is better than the other.

A restaurant that has has risen to the top lately and has accomplished great reviews in Toronto is Buca Yorkville. From the moment you enter the restaurant, you are greeted with welcoming smiles and friendly faces. It is a restaurant that specializes in Italian cuisine. The waiters are extremely helpful when it comes to recommending dishes as well as giving elaborate explanations towards each.

Buca Yorkville is a branch off from Buca King street which originally opened up in 2009. Buca Yorkville focuses immensely on seafood based dishes- which is perfect for those who are not meatlovers. Don’t be deterred from the fish if it is not something you enjoy either;these dishes are full of flavour which only enhances the mouthwatering flavour that can transform anyone into a fish lover.

The Sous chef at Buca Yorkville, Sarah Fiore elaborates a bit more on the differences between Buca Yorkville and the King street location. “We have been able to average and seat about the same amount of people at both locations, the only difference being that we serve lunch and buca king does not.”

Having a lunch menu makes it easier if you want to just stop by and grab a quick lunch as opposed to having to book reservations for an evening meal. Another great feature this establishment offers is bar seating where the tasting menu is held at night and lunch can be served during the day for walk ins. This area allows customers to watch the cooks as they prepare each dish for their customers.

@TorontoEats (instagram) often posts pictures of Buca Yorkville top pizza’s and pasta. The most recent post they have is of the Tartufo Nero Pizza which includes Taleggio Cheese, Duck Egg Yolk, and Black Truffles. This pizza is one of the few options that do not contain fish for those eager to try but scared away from fish.

The Polipo e Vongole is a signature dish made with Fregola Sarda. It entails a bone marrow broth, clams, and braised octopus. Buca changes their menu seasonally to coordinate with the ingredients that are locally available and thriving. However, sometimes they will alter certain ingredients based on the amount of the stock they have available.

All in all, Buca Yorkville is a hot spot you won't want to miss out on! It is a restaurant that accommodates to every need necessary. It is an ideal place to take your loved one, or even enjoy a night out with friends. You won't regret a night on the town that includes a delicious dinner at Buca Yorkville.

Creative Fiction Contest Winners - Sofia Cretaro & Joshua Terlizzi

A Woman’s Drill to Success
Sofia Cretaro and Josh Terlizzi

The room was small but the sound was loud from all the yelling bouncing off the walls. Not only was the argument getting bigger and bigger by the second, but Greg was getting more physically aggressive. Greg Barnz,  Lisa’s husband, was having problems accepting the fact that Lisa accepted a job offer that has a higher pay than his.

It all began when one day Lisa’s car broke down on the side of the road and, as she was fixing it, a man named Michael Johnson, a successful business man, approached her and offered her a job. The job he offered was a full time labour worker at Ruby Pier Amusement Park. Her husband, at the time, was merely working a minimum wage job, which was one of the reasons why he was upset. Greg did not think that she was qualified to work a “man's job”.

Despite her concern for her husband’s feelings, she left the house excited and thrilled to start her new job. As soon as Lisa got to Ruby Pier, she was greeted with loud and joyful screams of elation from the children on the rides and the sweet smell of cotton candy and popcorn. As she was settling in, a tall, thick, muscular man with a mustache came angrily barging into her boss’s office. Tommy Gunn, the manager and creator of Ruby Pier Amusement Park was trying to calm down Samuel Mckay, the furious man. Samuel abruptly interrupted him very aggressively and demanded, “Why did you hire a stupid broad in place of a man for that job?”

Mr. Gunn replied with great expression, “I hired her for a reason. Her gender does not define her working skills, nor her individuality, good Sir”.

Lisa overheard the argument between the two men and, immediately, the feelings she felt this morning before she left for work resurfaced. Seeing her boss, a man she hardly knew at all, defend her so completely and without question, left her feeling discouraged because she did not see the same in her husband. On her way home, Lisa started to think if leaving her husband was the only option left for her to truly be happy. She didn’t want to believe it. So, when she is walked toward the front door, she started to rethink her it, hoping that maybe Greg had changed his mind about her and their new situation.

But her husband greeted her with, “Wow! You're finally home. The bed is still not made, there is no dinner on the table, and the dishes are still in the sink from the morning”.

It was in that moment she made her final decision. Lisa simply glared at him and said, “I am leaving you.” She walked out, slamming the door behind her, and has never looked back since.

Celebrity Article

Kim K’s Tragic           

Robbery Followed

by Kanye’s Appearance

Back in LA.

Estimated 10.5 million dollars robbed from Kim’s possessions

download (5).jpg

                                Robbery In Paris

Rapper Kanye West rushed out of his Saint Pablo Tour show in Canada, due to the shocking news that his wife, Kim Kardashian West, was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, during Fashion Week. The original dates of his other shows have been moved to December due to this traumatic event. One show will take place December 13 and the second, December 22 of this year.

At approximately 2:25 a.m. on October 3rd, five assailants dressed as cops held a gun at Kardashian, right before they tied her up and locked her in the bathroom. Her rep told Us Weekly that she was, “Badly shaken but physically unharmed.” A male concierge was found in the stairwell of the building, handcuffed, tied up, gagged, and hidden in a cupboard.

An anonymous insider said, “For the most part, the whole family has been on lockdown. Everyone is affected by what happened to Kim. She has spent a lot of time with her family over the weekend”.

Even though the robbers caused no physical harm towards Kim Kardashian, they did manage to take the wedding ring Kanye West had given to her, along with a few of her other belongings. There was an estimated amount of 10.5 million dollars that was stolen from Kim during this unfortunate event. Fortunately, the ring stolen was replaced by Kanye and was worth 4.49 million dollars.

Kim blames herself for the robbery since she was constantly flaunting her jewelry all over social media, such as, instagram and snapchat; prior to the event.

Fortunately, Kim is safe at home with family and friends. Kim has been avoiding any type of spotlight and spending time in her Los Angeles home with her friends and family.

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Hey! I’m Jenna Naccarato, a 17-year-old girl interested in fashion, media and literature. If I’m not binge reading the hottest novels, giving outfit advice, or drinking a Tim Hortons iced coffee, then I’m spending most of my free time on my laptop looking at cute outfits or discovering the greatest music. My music library consists of just about every genre. From indie to pop to R&B to country, I’m not ashamed of this weird mix (which explains why I’m the first to grab the aux cord in any friend’s car). Some may say I’m quite adventurous as I travel often. Whether touring Italy, Jamaica, Chicago or Switzerland I’m always open to visiting new places. I would consider myself very social and outgoing as I love meeting new people and getting to know them. My dream jobs are to work at Vogue Magazine or be a top event planner. After high school I hope to attend Ryerson University for either fashion communications or journalism. I am so excited to be a part of this year’s team and can’t wait to share my writing and opinions through The Joan Journal.

Traveling 101: How to fit the essentials in your suitcase without overpacking

by Jenna Naccarato

I will admit that I am an overpacker. If I’m not packing my whole wardrobe, chances are I’m only going to a sleepover down the street. When it comes to traveling and going on vacation I like to have options, and at least 3 outfits per day (it’s not as ridiculous as it may seem). For the past 3 trips I have been on, I have been removing a few shirts at a time, which I am proud of, but still to this day I wonder how I manage to fit all of my clothes in my suitcase. Here are some ways to fit all you need in your suitcase, as well as reduce the amount of clothing you bring:

Step 1: Plan your outfits

Example: If you are packing for a 7 day beach vacation put together one outfit for each day and night, as well as a few outfits to wear over your bathing suit when going for breakfast or lunch.

Tip: Mixing and matching different tops with the same pair of pants, or vice versa, will help to create a different outfit without having to pack that extra piece of clothing.

Step 2: Roll Your Clothing

Believe it or not rolling your clothing items takes up less room in your luggage than folding your clothes would. It also eliminates the ironing process as no folding lines will be produced. Placing as many rolled garments at the bottom of your suitcase followed by the folded garments on top, will save you a tonne of room.

Step 3: Sit On Your Suitcase

There is nothing wrong with using the old fashioned way to close your suitcase, I know I always rely on this strategy. If you manage to close your suitcase, you know you have succeeded.

As most airlines have weight restrictions it is important not to overpack to avoid the possibility of having to pay for extra weight. Weighing your suitcase before a flight is essential and a great way to save money. After all, the less you pack the less laundry you have to do when you get home.

Fall Trend Watch: Layering, Leather and Suede

by Jenna Naccarato

Summer is officially over and fall has returned. Turning your closet inside-out can be exhausting, but the transition from summer to fall is one of the best times of the year. Although the decrease in temperature might be disappointing, it brings us the advantage of better outfit selection, not to mention the added bonus of finding a favourite lip gloss or a twenty-dollar bill in the pocket of your leather jacket from the season before.

With fall comes layering - knit sweaters, jean jackets, turtlenecks, sneakers, beanies, leather jackets, scarves and boots - the combinations are endless. Of course, these combinations work since they allow us to create a new outfit in under ten seconds by removing one layer. When it comes to the fall season, jackets are essential to layering, especially leather and suede.

Jackets and boots can easily spice up an outfit with dress pants or keep it casual with denim. Leather and suede boots, as well as sneakers are making a big comeback this fall season for anyone interested with a keen eye for fashion which is why they are worth the investment - they’re timeless! In my opinion, leather boots are more practical for the fall season as they are easier to maintain than suede, but both are a great go to for any outfit.

These styles will keep you warm, can be paired with almost everything, and fortunately stay in style season after season. Purchasing leather and suede goods are definitely worth it! Let’s keep warm this season in style!




3.                                                      4.


5. 6.

1. Forever 21 - Faux Leather Moto Jacket $56.50

2. Aritzia - Wilfred Free LIS SKIRT (originally $85.00, now on sale for $55.00)

3. ASOS - Boohoo Suedette Heeled Ankle Boot $49.86

4. ZARA - BIKER JACKET $129.00

5. Town Shoes - Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Leather Men’s $79.99

6. Adidas - Men’s Tubular Invader Shoes suede $120.00

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